• What is our Price?

    Our price will depend on several factors, starting with the amount of players that you are opening the account with. Also, our base price comes with a lof of features but you can get for an extra small fee some other betting plataforms. Like different types of live betting software, live casino and more.

  • How do i pay for my service?

    The service can be paid on a weekly basis or every two weeks, our automatic system will send you a bill to your email if you like every end of the week with detailed information about your charge.

    Here is a list of some methods you can use to pay your bill:

    • Bitcoin, Ethereum or Litecoin.
    • Money Orders
    • Person-to-Person Money Wire
    • Paypal (Fees may apply)
    • Credit Card (For Customers Older Than 6 months)
  • How can i contact PerHeadVip?

    Ways you can contact us:
    • Main Phone Number: 1-888-970-6111
    • Our Email Address: [email protected]
    • Click on our LiveChat Link on the bottom right corner
  • What is the start up cost?

    The setup of your website, phone number and all your players has no cost. Once the 2 week free trial is about to expire an initial deposit of a minimum of $300 to prefund your account will be required and this deposit will be applied to your account as a credit and would only be used to cover player activity