A relationship on your terms.

Work with us the way you want.

Surrounding Yourself With The Right People Changes Everything. Being Successful Is What We Do At PerHeadVip.com

Customer Service For your Players

Don't worry about your player's needs, We provide costumer service for the players with all inquiries and needs concerning our software and any kind of questions they may have.

Website Customization

Our IT department will create your new website according to your needs. If you have a website with other provider and want to move over to us, we will make it look the same.

Free Wagering Clerks

Dedicated and bilingual clerks will be incluided with your perhead price free of charge.

Flexible Payment methods

We understand sometimes there are difficult weeks, therefore, we provide several payment methods, from bitcoin to credit cards.
You also have two free weeks a year that you can take anytime during regular season games.*

Marketing tools for your website

Specialized guidance from our advisors will help you make marketing campaigns for your website, for you to get more players in the door.

Customer integrity Protection

We Recognise and respect the fact that persons using our services rely on us to protect their privacy of information. All data submitted by customers is kept confidential.

Your Personal Tools!

Here is a small list of the tools you will have to work with, we are always open to create new customized tools for your business.

  • Weekly Payment Reports
  • Hide Games & Leagues
  • Manage Lines
  • Online Bet Ticker
  • Player Analysis
  • Add and Edit Players
  • Delete Bets
  • Sub-Agents Billing

We also Offer...

Service Hours
Live Chat 24/7
Customer Service 24/7
Lines Department 24/7

You will also get two free weeks at your choise during regular season!